Agile тренинги, обучение и сертификации Scrum, Kanban, DevOps в Scrum Украина

About Scrum Ukraine

Scrum Ukraine is a team of professional coaches. We were at the origins of Agile in Ukraine and for more than 10 years we have been helping businesses to reach new levels of productivity and improve their KPIs.

Each of us has more than one certification and impressive experience in the implementation of Agile-transformations in companies of different directions, levels and scales.

In 2017, we merged and created Scrum Ukraine to help businesses grow more efficiently.

What are we doing?

Why do we do this?

We want more people to get the joy of working and participating in the creation of cool products. We want more companies to stop torturing their colleagues with a “grim scrum” and truly take advantage of this methodology. We want to popularize Scrum and other modern approaches to doing business and organizing processes. We want every company in the Ukrainian market to understand the value and importance of training employees and management.

Why scrum?

We have seen how Scrum and other team approaches to workflow organization and business modernization work successfully in practice. We have seen how the experience of their application changes the relationship between people, changes the attitude of people to work, improves the quality of products. We know that with the right approach, Scrum gives incredible results. And we know what this approach is and how to apply it in your company.

Our clients

Team Scrum Ukraine

Agile Coach | Managing Partner | Certified Scrum Trainer® in ScrumAlliance with deep practical experience of organizational coaching.

Agile Coach | Managing Partner | Certified Scrum Professional® in ScrumAlliance 10 years of experience in the Agile environment

Agile Coach | Certified Scrum Professional® by ScrumAlliance, with rich experience in global corporate projects

Agile Coach | Kanban Coaching Professional, Kanban Management Professional at Kanban University. Certified ScrumMaster®, Certified Product Owner® at the Scrum Alliance.

Agile Coach, Accredited Kanban Trainer, Kanban Coaching Professional, Certified Scrum Master, Certified Product Owner, Certified LeSS Practitioner

Business development manager

Design Engineering | Top specialist in optimization of design processes and Product Development

Invited Trainers

Certified Scrum Trainer®

Certified LeSS Trainer

Accredited Kanban Trainer

Certified Enterprise Coach

Independent coach, consultant, and trainer

Certified LeSS Trainer®

Agile Coach, Expert in Cognitive Sciences

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093 497-46-61 Kateryna

Public classes, events and registrations, invoices:
095 014-5900 Tetiana

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