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Organizational Coaching and Agile Transformation

The goal of agile transformation is to help businesses learn to respond quickly to changes in the market, technology and environment.

Our team helps companies move to the next level. It is a long and interesting journey, with many discoveries and challenges ahead for the organization. Therefore, an organization needs experienced agile coaches who have walked this path more than once, will be able to prepare for it and lead it.

What clients say about us

When is agile coaching useful?

Projects take a long time and require "pushers"

Global multitasking, everyone does everything, everything is important, there are no priorities

Constant shifting of responsibility between departments and groups

The progress of tasks and the status of work in general is not clear

Excessive coordination and cross-dependency complexity

A state when it seems to everyone that everything has not changed for the better for a long time

Agile transformation with Scrum Ukraine

Audit of current structures and processes

Let's take a look at the situation - find strengths and growth areas.

Let's take a look at the situation - find strengths and growth areas.

Corporate trainings

Let's help inspire employees to change - explain the value of agility.

Let's help inspire employees to change - explain the value of agility.

Organizational coaching

Let's form teams around business challenges and help them show success.

Let's form teams around business challenges and help them show success.

Management of large-scale product development - Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS)

Agile transformation cases and strategic training in well-known companies

Banks and fintechs | Telecoms | Food Organizations | Service and production organizations

We successfully implement cases of organizational transformations and the launch of internal training systems. We have conducted dozens of large-scale cases of org transformations, below are some of them.

Banks and fintechs


As part of the FUIB bank, we built the work of cross-functional teams and helped in organizing the work of the project office, including the implementation of the all-bank Kanban:

  • Launched and trained 10 Scrum teams
  • Top managers training
  • Training and business integration into the Scrum process
  • Internal training program for Scrum Masters and Product Owners

We delivered, trained and launched "all-banking" Kanban for portfolio management.

Raiffeisen Bank Case

As part of the transformation at Raiffeisen Bank, we are a provider of training and organization of team work, including in a large-scale setup (implementation of the Scaled Agile Framework).

  • More than 300 people trained in the company
  • Launched a large grocery tribe for 6 teams
  • 3 non-IT teams launched
  • Scrum Master and Product Owners training program
  • Command support
  • Support and conduct of large-scale meetings (PI planning)

PrivatBank case

We have been at the forefront of agile transformation at PrivatBank, working with leaders and change agents.

Among the many pilots and initiatives, it is worth highlighting the preparation, launch and support for the development of an innovative product line - financial leasing. This development was carried out in a new paradigm of product development with the closest possible interaction between business and teams. We will successfully bring the product to the market and use it.

Case study Ukrsibbank BNP Paribas Group

We have been supporting the transformation of Ukrsibbank's processes for two years.

During the transformation, many training events were held, one of which was the launch of the "Scrum Masters School".

The school consisted of multi-module training with inter-module classes, the purpose of which is to provide a comprehensive understanding and practical skills of working on the design of changes in the company, the level of work with the organization.

  • Module 1. The role of the Scrum Master and his key skills: Agile (in-depth), Kanban, Scrum (in-depth), coaching, facilitation.
  • Module 2. Working with people, teams and systems.
  • Module 3. Working with stakeholders and the organization.


Lifecell case

We launched a company-level transformation for the telecom operator Lifecell.

The scope of our team's tasks included:

  • Organizing and conducting a strategic session on the design of org changes
  • Preparing for transformation for about two months - formulating the mission and objectives of the transformation with a wide range of volunteers from all over the company (more than 60 people)
  • Training of managers, TOP managers, teams
  • Development of a transformational plan
  • New structure design
  • Preparation of change agents in the company
  • Launching pilot teams
  • Support for pilot teams during the quarter of each
  • Multimodal training of teams and individual roles

We also launched Lifecell Agile Academy, a systematic Scrum Master and Product Owner training within an organization.

Case Kyivstar

For several years, we have had the honor of playing the role of a strategic transformation and training partner for Kyivstar's digital product development department.

During this time, more than 150 employees have been trained in various Discovery + Delivery Flow topics:

  • Scrum roles, events and their facilitation
  • Principles of interaction within teams and with stakeholders
  • Design Thinking
  • User Story Mapping
  • Impact Mapping
  • Advanced PBR Workshop Practices

We have actively worked with teams in training and coaching cycles. Much attention has also been paid to developing an internal group of Scrum Masters so that they can further mentor teams and lead organizational changes.

Product organizations

Workfusion Case

The product company Workfusion hired us, Scrum Ukraine, for the Agile transformation of our entire organization as external consultants in 2017. During this period, Scrum Ukraine employees were focused on launching transformation, training and coaching agile teams.

Here's what Workfusion has to say about us:

"The Scrum Ukraine team are professionals in business agility, complex transformations, as well as technical expertise. And, thanks to these skills, they helped our organization to design and implement the planned changes - the formation of new teams and setting up their coordinated work within a single management paradigm."

PandaDoc case

PandaDoc is a dynamic unicorn product company that, thanks to the use of Large-Scale Scrum ideas, is successfully gaining traction despite its rapid growth. During the period of active work of our coaches, the company switched to the structure of permanent client-oriented, cross-component and cross-functional teams.

At the end of 2021, the company employs more than 30 such teams, managed by a single strategy with a holistic production system.

Case Poster

Poster is a successful food company operating in the segment of automating business processes in the restaurant business. The company approached us with a request to build the most adaptive management structure: many teams working together harmoniously on goals from a single product backlog.

Starting in May 2021, Scrum Ukraine has been supporting Poster along the way. Behind - preparation, training, the transition to LeSS with the launch of sprints for 6 teams, ahead - a lot of challenges posed by the idea of constant improvement.

Service and production organizations

In 2019 - 2021, we had a lot of remote and onsite work with service organizations in various fields (we cannot disclose the details of the work), including such well-known organizations as:

  • ArcelorMittal : the largest steel company in the world
  • Roche : groups of pharmaceutical companies
  • VISA : processing of payment transactions by cards
  • Unilever : world leaders in the food and household chemicals market
  • SkyUp / JoinUp : air and tour operator
  • Comfy : chain: a large retailer of household appliances and electronics in Ukraine

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