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Agile transformation, Scrum and Large-Scale Scrum adoption


We have been selected for coaching organizational changes by the following companies:

What is so special about Agile organizations?

Regular and often product releases for fast feedback

Constant learning to enable adaptivity for market changes

Structure that allows reaching business goal efficiently

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How does our approach to Agile transformation look like?

Agile transformation

Our goal is to help companies move to a new level. This is a long and interesting way, on which the organization expects many discoveries and challenges. Therefore, the organization needs an experienced agile-coach , who has already gone through this path more than once and can help with good advice and a good question!

Agile Coaches

We are the practice of introducing methods of agile development. We are agile coaches. That's why almost all of our coaches have the title of Certified Scrum Professional - they have been practicing the use of Scrum and other agile methods in different contexts for years.

Preparation and transition process

Our standard coaching approach includes the following phases of working with the client organization:

Learning - we learn about you.
Training - you learn about agile approaches.
Running - we prepare together and launch the pilot.
Accompaniment - further scaling of success.

But remember: every agile transformation, like a journey, is unique!

Individual approach

It is important for us to know your expectations, current situation, vision. We will be happy to talk with you and develop a joint action plan.


An important step in the development of new principles of work and skills is undoubtedly training. We offer a wide range of training programs , including both corporate and individual programs, including certification from ScrumAlliance.

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