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Anna Obuhova

Agile Coach, Expert in Cognitive Sciences

Anna Obukhova - is an Agile Coach working with an Agile Portfolio for a large investment bank in London. Anna is mainly interested in projects in communities. Industry business practices in agile management. To improve their processes and to improve their business processes.

Additionally, Anna Obukhova is using neuroscience and biology to explain Agile productivity and enhance Agile coaching techniques. ALE Bucharest, Agile Days Moscow (2012-2019), Global Scrum Gathering, Agile Cambridge, Agile Tours Beach (UK, 2017, 2018, 2019), Agile 2017 (Orlando, USA), Agile 2018 (San Diego), Agile Business Conference (Moscow 2017, 2018), Global Scrum Gathering Dublin, Manage Agile (Berlin).

She uses her body (it is her body). It can be very excited how naturally Agile works.

Trainings lead by Anna Obuhova

Anna Obuhova  

How to increase productivity without carrots and sticks, what will power is and where to get it, how to deal with fatigue and burnout, increase efficiency and become an Agile leader, followed by people.

Anna Obuhova, Evgeniy Labunskiy  

Leaders: energy and burnout

Anna Obuhova  

Time is such that business cannot be changed. Only in practice, we are faced with an incredible resistance that inhibits the whole process. At the training you will learn how to turn resistance into a motivation for change.

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