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Stacia viscardi

Certified Scrum Trainer®

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Stacia Viscardi is an agile coach, Certified Scrum Trainer and organizational transformation guide. In 2003 she became the 67th Certified ScrumMaster and the agileEvolution in 2006.

The ScrumMaster is a Handbook for the ScrumAlliance and a trusted community advisor. Through systems, Martha Stewart Living, Primavera, DoubleClick, Google, Razorfish, MyPublisher, CapitalOne, Washington Post, Viacom, Bloomberg and many others. She can not be found caring for her horses and learning dressage.

"The Professional Scrum Master's Handbook (Professional Expertise Distilled)"

Trainings lead by Stacia viscardi

Stacia viscardi, Evgeniy Labunskiy  

You still think Agile works in theory only? You`re still sure your business doesn’t need it? Well, you may be right. Or ...? Come and listen a panel discussion “WHY YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS AGILE?”

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