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Maxim Tkachuk

Design Engineering | Top specialist in optimization of design processes and Product Development

Maxim is a multidisciplinary designer, a specialist in the optimization of design processes, a trainer in competitive iterative design, a top specialist in the optimization of design processes and Product Development. 17 years in the profession.
Trained in London (Nielsen Norman Group) with Bruce "Tog" Tognazzini (Apple, WebMD, Sun Microsystems).
Previously, he was the chief designer of the korrespondent.net and bigmir.net projects as part of the first usability team in the territory of Ukraine, under the leadership of the authoritative Polish specialist Herakliush Lubomirski.
Among the clients: Frog Design, Ebay, Wargaming, Havas.
Co-founder of the Ukrainian branch of Service Design Network (Ukraine Chapter)

Trainings lead by Maxim Tkachuk

Maxim Tkachuk  

Basic authoring training for product managers, PM, product owners on how to do Product Discovery, and how to integrate it into Product Delivery, so that instead of features that are not needed by the market, they will release a product that solves the real request of stakeholders and customers.

Evgeniy Labunskiy, Maxim Tkachuk  

Mitap for Product Owners, Project Managers, Marketing, Des Lead by Maxim Tkachuk and Eugene Labunsky. Going beyond design thinking!

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