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Dr. Anat Treister-Goren

Профиль тренера


Executive, Team and Organizational, Master Coach, Israel. ORSCC, CPCC, MCC​

Dr. Anat Treister-Goren is an expert team coach accredited by several leading international coaching organizations, including the ICF, the Coaches Training Institute and the Center for Right Relationship. Her work focuses on both the relationship and productivity aspects of team and organizations, employing different coaching models such as Emotional and Social Intelligence, Appreciative Inquiry, Positive Psychology, Change Integration and Management, System Work, Deep Democracy, and Co-Active Coaching. She facilitates and trains organizations in the mind-set, skills and tools needed to execute a successful change through powerful collaboration. As an internationally certified Organizational Relationship System Coach and facilitator, Dr. Treister-Goren has extensive experience working with senior and mid-level management teams, cross-functional teams, partnerships, cross cultural teams, directory boards, and more.

Dr. Treister-Goren has successfully designed and facilitated numerous team and executive coaching workshops worldwide. Her work focuses on driving teams to achieve a sustainable change.

Dr. Treister-Goren holds a PhD in Neurolinguistics and speech-language pathology, and worked in conjunction with pharmaceutical companies in the area of psychiatry. She had also worked for several years in the private sector as a senior executive in hi-tech companies focused on speech recognition and artificial intelligence, serving in business development, R&D, and marketing positions. In her more distant past she was a professional singer and actress. Her services combine her education as a coach and facilitator with her expertise from past careers.

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