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Cesario Ramos

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Certified LeSS Trainer®


Cesario Ramos is a senior Agile Management coach & product development expert. He founded AgiliX, a network organisation that guides agile adoptions throughout provides trainings world wide

He works on large and small scale Scrum adoption at his clients and as a certified LeSS (Large Scale Scrum) trainer, Professional Scrum trainer from Scrum.org and Qualified Innovation Games® Instructor.

In the past he was an agile consultant at Xebia, CTO at codecentric NL, a product manager at Atos, a hard-core developer and the lead software architect at PANalytical. Over the years Cesario wrote numerous papers on agile development and is the author of the book "Emergent – Lean & Agile adoption for an innovative workplace" and co-author with Jeff Sutherland and James Coplien et. al. of the book 'Scrum Patterns’.

In his spare time he co-organises the international Large Scale Scrum conferences and is the initiator of the Agile-Lean Bathtub conferences.

He is happy to be an active member of the ScrumPloP® community and is a frequent speaker at conferences around the world.

Cesario strongly believes that fun at the workplace is essential for success.

You can contact Cesario at cesario(at)agilix.nl

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