Max Romov

Max Romov

Agile Coach | Professional Scrum Master | Certified Facilitator | 5 years of experience in Agile environment

My way

My professional career began in the role of software developer. I was engaged in development for about 4 years. I took part in the implementation of many exciting products in different domain areas: software for banks, e-commerce, games, social networks, B2B systems.

In 2013, I met Agile and Scrum - I became a real fan of their principles and approaches. Literally a year later, in 2014, took on the role of the scrum master in Luxoft, where successfully completed 4 projects in the banking sector.

In 2015, I moved to Ciklum, where successfully conducted the Agile transformation of the client company - WorldTicket. Coached 5 development teams and not the IT division of the company.

Now I act as an independent coach.

Coaching activities

In 2015, i began to train. Over the past year, I conducted about 20 trainings in Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Poland, Thailand, and Denmark.

I'm an author of the 7-modular evening course of Agile and Scrum. Released about 60 future agents of changes in their companies.

Since 2016 I have been actively learning and using facilitation as the safest tool for initiating organizational changes. I train employees to effectively hold meetings and meetings of any kind. I facilitate meetings on request: strategic sessions, retrospectives, planning and other

I see my mission to help people make their work easier, more effective and more interesting.

Agile, Scrum and coaching are my powerful assistants along the way.