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The most extensive training in Ukraine on Agile, Scrum, Kanban topics and modern management approaches.


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Academy structure

Education at the Academy is structured in areas (tracks) that are focused on the development of knowledge and skills in a specific professional field. Training programs within each track are divided into levels.

Start with the basics or select the track you are interested in.

Start learning with the basics of Agile, Scrum, Kanban.

Attend our most fundamental certification training, which is suitable for both IT and non-IT. And learn what Agile philosophy is, Lean thinking, how the Scrum framework and the Kanban method work.

Track: Agile Team Development

Advanced Training Programs for Scrum Masters, Kanban Managers and Agile Teams

Track: Flexible product management

Training in product development and agile product management: Product Discovery and Product Delivery

Track: Adaptive organizations and leadership

Professional development for change leaders who trigger massive transformation

Track: Agile Team Development

Are you already familiar with the basics? Perhaps you have experience working in an Agile environment? Or are you familiar with project management firsthand and want to gain deeper, more focused knowledge on working with Agile teams?

We invite you to this track, where you will be taught scrum mastery, team coaching, facilitation and other in-depth topics in the context of the use of Scrum and Kanban.

  • The acquisition of unique knowledge and skills collected from hundreds of different sources.
  • You practice all the knowledge in practice through cases and simulations.
  • Systematic training for certification programs Scrum Alliance, Kanban University, ICAgile.
  • Our trainers have many years of experience as Agile practicing coaches and business trainers.
  • Programs are suitable for both IT and non-IT.
  • Agile members who want to learn Scrum and Kanban to work more efficiently.
  • Managers of companies where flexible methods are used to retrain or expand their area of influence.
  • Companies that are considering moving to Scrum and Kanban and want to train their own specialists for the transformation.
  • Scrum Master, Kanban Manager, Agile Coach, wishing to delve into individual techniques and replenish the tools for work.
  • Team members planning to develop or relocate as Agile practitioners.
Level Track trainings "Agile Team Development" Details
Fundamental course Certified Scrum Master (CSM) 29 Mar - 31 Mar 2021
Deep dive Agile Team Facilitation (ICP-ATF) 24 Feb - 25 Feb 2021
Deep dive Agile Team Facilitation (ICP-ATF) 12 Mar - 13 Mar 2021
Deep dive Теория и практика фасилитации распределённых ретроспектив Video recording
Deep dive Advanced Certified Scrum Master (A-CSM℠) Open date
Deep dive Зарезервируйте часовую консультацию с Алексеем Кривицким Open date

Трек: Flexible product management

This track is designed specifically for those who work on the concept of hi-tech products, study the market and customer behavior, manage release plans, direct development teams and wish to master modern methods of design, delivery and product management.

The participants of this track will plunge into the details of Product Design, Product Discovery and Product Delivery - three pillars of product thinking, the development of which significantly increases the exhaust of work on the product, thanks to the structuring of knowledge and the development of all the necessary product management skills.

If you play the role of Product Owner, this is your own track.

  • Deep immersion in Product Design, Product Discovery and Product Delivery.
  • A wide range of product management techniques and tools.
  • You practice all the knowledge in practice through cases and simulations, learning to communicate with users, stakeholders and the market.
  • Programs are built on an excellent balance: 40% of theory, 60% of practice and simulations.
  • Scrum Alliance and Leading Product Design Specialist Training.
  • Product Owners and Product Managers who want to quickly, efficiently and efficiently deliver a quality product to the market.
  • Project Managers and executives who want to effectively influence the supply of quality products.
  • Business stakeholders who intend to better understand the product development process, find out their audience and product designers limits.
  • Product Discovery process participants who want to perfect the elements of the Discovery process.
  • Scrum masters and coaches who want to expand their tools to work more effectively with product teams.
  • UI-UX to designers and design departments of companies.

Трек: Adaptive organizations and leadership

This track provides advanced training and professional development for anyone who wants to systematically and deliberately build and restructure organizations using Lean and Agile thinking. The programs in this course prepare change leaders at any level.

Trainings of this track will allow you to:

  • Look at the organization as a system as a whole, see the interconnection of its elements and thereby effectively manage long-term changes.
  • Understanding the organizational dynamics and subtleties of the change management process.
  • Design and manage transformation processes and not burn out when faced with resistance.
  • Scale successful experience for teams of 100, 200 or 1000 people.
  • Apply the right concepts and tools in the right situations.

  • Systematic and deep learning of the essence of Agile transformations and scaling of successful experience.
  • Balance theory and practice through various business simulations and cases.
  • Only professional practice trainers with experience in conducting transformations in leading Ukrainian companies (Kyivstar, Vodafon, Lifecell, Privat, FUIB, DTEK) work with you
  • The trainers are accredited by organizations such as the Scrum Alliance (CSP, CEC, CST), Kanban University (AKT), LeSS.works (CLT).
  • Programs include analysis of many modern tools and frameworks for managing organizations and changes: LeSS, Lean Enterprise, Lean Change, Learning Organization, Value Stream Mapping, Local vs. Global Optimization, Gemba of Value Delivery & Value Consumption, Project vs. Product Organization, Tribe Leadership, Competing Values Framework, Spotify Healthcheck, and so on.
  • Business owners and executives at the level of transformation of their organizations.
  • Agents of change (Scrum Master, Agile Coach) who want to be ready to help their organizations on the path to change.
  • Managers of IT and non-IT departments who make large-scale changes are nurtured by change agent teams and implement the Agile philosophy.
  • Anyone interested in using Agile approaches across the organization.
Level Track trainings "Adaptive organizations and leadership" Details
Fundamental course Certified LeSS Basics (CLB) 2 Feb - 3 Feb 2021
Deep dive Айсберг ментальных моделей как инструмент change management Video recording
Deep dive Зарезервируйте часовую консультацию с Алексеем Кривицким Open date

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