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Privacy Policy

Volodymyr of personal tributes, who are selected according to the principles of confidentiality policy (Dal - Confidentiality Policy), є Partnership with the information of Ukraine "SCRAM UKRAINE" (Dal - Scrum).

They are placed separately before processing, including the collection of personal donations from Scrum Ukraine services, posted on the site and other sub'ects of personal donations. Personal data - in the legislation of the Republic of Moldova about the protection of personal data about a physical person, which is identified or may have been specifically identified.

The policy of confidentiality is to place a warehouse and change of personal tributes, which are collected from the services of Scrum Ukraine, which are displayed on our websites (including the mobile version of the site) and other sub''ts. In addition, in a number of documents, it is described in detail the significance of the legislation about the seizure of personal tributes of the rights of sub'єkts of personal tributes, a meta collection, especially, which are transferred to personal tributes.

Warehouse that zm_st danih

Meta to the selection of those individuals who are given the data

Scrum Ukraine will select the following information: name, nickname, email address and phone number. We select only those dans, which you will give us voluntarily. We mate the right not to give us a lot of information.

In order to cooperate with us, be guilty respectfully familiarize yourself with your rights and the provisions for processing personal tributes, which are stipulated in article 8 of the Law of Ukraine "About the acquisition of personal tributes", respectfully inspect your confidentiality, policy year with minds. According to the Law of Ukraine "On the Protection of Personal Tributes", you will remember your data in the form for jumping from materials, or in the form of a single form on our websites, posting a note about the knowledge of the year with the person of the Politics Expansion of Scrum Ukraine advertising, marketing and news information, and also stay tuned in for the announcement in the Cookie Policy.

For your benefit, we can send you marketing information from one of our partners about the promotion of comrades and servants who can help you. If you just wait for the dealership, we will send you materials to your address by e-mail from the name of the partners. In addition, if you view our sites, we can automatically remove information about you. Such information can include: your IP-address, views about the operating system of your computer / mobile add-on, and the type of browser, type of your add-on, unique identifier of the add-on (UDID) or the identifier of the mobile site (MEID) of your built-in mobile site On the other hand, the information about us and information about the links that were posted on our sites has been disaggregated.

We can provide information for management, technical service and adjustment of our website and services. The special data assigned by you will not be transferred to third persons, except for the vipadks, transferred by legislation.

My mamo right to take Personal data of style, although it is necessary for the implementation of the property, is designated by the data of the Policy of Confidentiality, either at the line, established by the auspicious legislation of Ukraine, or until the moment you see your data.

Zachist of personal tributes

Scrum Ukraine is alive and well, all reasonable commercially ordered come in for the collection of personal tributes, taken in advance of the confidentiality policy, due to the loss, theft, incorrect registration and unauthorized access.

We pragmatically seize your personal data, protects you from inviting you to live all the available entrances to protect your personal data from the hour of transmission. For the most part, change passwords, pick combinations of letters and numbers, and also use a non-baked browser.

Cookies, web beacons and technologies

The site collects information about your behavior on our site and informs about the site's links, using the method of discarding the statistics about the site's admission and efficiency, formulating a personal approach and adapting to our service Mirobimo tse for additional technologies, one of which is cookie-files. Cookies are data that the website can be sent to your browser, and the stench will be saved on your computer for further identification of the website.
Most often cookies are used to evaluate the effectiveness of a robot and a website, to see the most visitors and information about them, as well as to ensure the efficiency of navigation and information on the website, be it personally In an hour, the information is allowed to polish the koristuvatsky dosvid.

Targeted advertising

We use cookies, Google Remarketing Tag, Facebook Pixel and other advertising technologies in order to send you advertisements exactly to your individual interests and likeness. These gifts give us the ability to adjust the brutality to the corystuvach and the client with the urge of his demographic interests, as well as the contextual advertising and personification of the message of services. Mi vikoristovuєmo qiu information, how to display advertising, as you can get it.

Zmіna of the Privacy Policy

At the same time, you can learn about any changes in the privacy policy. If you make any changes to the privacy policy, you will be sent information to your e-mail.

The idea of finding personal tributes

Personal data are collected on the stolen Scrum Ukraine servers in Nimechchyna.

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