Evgeniy Labunskiy

Evgeniy Labunskiy

Agile Coach | Managing Partner | Certified Scrum Professional® in ScrumAlliance 10 years of experience in the Agile environment

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Over my shoulders, more than 10 years of experience in the Agile environment with customers from the US to Hong Kong. For 2017 spent more than 1000 hours working with the teams of such companies as Ukrsibbank BNP Paribas Group, FUIB, Roche, WorkFusion, Tonic Health Ukraine, Visa, DTEK in the context of strategic organizational changes.

A lot, but still on the case

I've been using Scrum since 2008. It was in that crisis period that I first saw that the future behind Agile management approaches. Since then, I've come a long way in understanding modern methods of managing teams and organizations.

Since 2011, he started working for a large Ukrainian outsourcing company, where he was one of the main adherents of Scrum. Over 6 years, he has conducted more than 30 projects using best practices with Agile.

In 2015, one of the first in Ukraine began to use Agile practices in non-IT, the first customer was one of the largest banks in Ukraine - Ukrsibbank. For the second year we have been working together in the context of a strategic Agile transformation. Since then, I am one of the key experts in Ukraine in the context of Agile approaches in financial companies.

I am a big fan of Large Scaled Scrum as a tool for building Agile organizations. Today I successfully build it in 3 different IT and non-IT companies.

Trainings lead by Evgeniy Labunskiy

Scrum Academy for Business. Module 3

Welcome to the first in Ukraine Scrum Academy for business! Module 3. Leadership and leadership of a flexible organization The third module is a leadership system for managing flexible organizations, the purpose of which is to unite the process and the team to achieve business results.

Basics of Business Agility

What has changed in the world over the past 20 years? Most likely you thought that we have accelerated. Yes, the speed of information delivery has increased, which fundamentally changed the market situation. We have already stepped into the era of global digitalization, which plays by its own rules.

Scrum Academy for Business. Module 2

Module 2. Working with cross-functional teams. The module opens the door to the world of working with teams, from the origins of their formation in the organization to the actual construction of business verticals based on such teams. We will immerse in the formation, development and motivation of teams in the concept of Scrum, personal and tea...

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